Hangzhou Innovation technology CO.,LTD. belongs to INNOVATION GROUP.  

With more than 15 years experience, Hangzhou Innovation technology focus on providing most comprehensive and economic solutions in WEIGHING AND STATIC INDUSTRY. 

Weighing Products include: kinds of load cells and weighing controllers,Mini load cell, shearbeam load cell, canister compression load cell, load pin, force sensor, single point load cell in aluminum and stainless steel, double ended load cell, Weighing controllers and weight transmitter including: Batching scale controller, weiging indicator, force test weighing indicator, weighing controller, weighing controller for combination weigher, PACKING SCALE, check weigher, LINEAR WEIGHERS,truck scale, etc

Static Products include: static charging generator, static charging bar, anti-static bar, ion air gun, ion air blower, Human Body Static Electricity Releasing Alarm, static meter, etc.