What is the advantage of the DCB Static Charging Bar series?

DCB Static Charging Bar series:

Working principle

When an object with a static close to another non-static object, due to electrostatic induction, non-static object inside which is close to static object will gather the opposite charges relative to the charges of static object (the other side to carry produce the same number of same polarity charge), it will show "electrostatic adsorption" phenomenon because that opposite charges attract each other.

DCB Static Charging Bar series Advantage:

Highest withstand voltage 60KVHigh voltage generator for different output voltages
Electrostatic needle without spark design Prevent the electrostatic needle from contacting the metal short circuit and sparking, and damage the static generator
Electrostatic bar current limitingCan extend the life of the static bar
Square static bar card slotIt will not rotate after installation and is more secure

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