Questions for innovation load cell
Questions for innovation load cell
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Questions for innovation load cell

Digital sensor and its characteristics

Digital load cell system is a new type of electronic weighing technology developed on the basis of traditional resistance strain sensor combined with modern microelectronics technology and microcomputer technology integration. It is composed of analog sensors (resistance strain type) and digital conversion module  two parts. Digital modules aremade from highly integrated electronic circuits fabricated using SMT surfacemount technology. They include amplifiers, A / D converters, CPUs, memory,interface circuits (RS485) and digital temperature sensors etc. It has the following features:1,the digital sensor uses integrated A / D converter circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology, the sensor signal transmission distance is far, up to 1200m, anti-interference ability is good. The transmission distance of analog signals within the digital sensor is very short, while the sensor housing (elastomer) itself is a good shield, these two features alone determine the advantages of its anti-jamming capability, greatly improving the stability of the sensor.2, good confidentiality, anti-cheating function, can effectively prevent remote control cheating.once found, it will automatically take the error alarm, effectively protect the data security and accuracy. The analog sensor truck scale installed cheat is common, because cheaters’size is small and the installation is extremely simple Therefore it is not easy to be found that caused a great riskof the safety of  measurement data. The digital transformation of the weighing instrument can make the safety of the measurement data well protected, so as to better safeguard the economic interests of the company.3,As the digital sensor with automatic acquisition pretreatment, storage and memory functions, and has a unique mark, more than one sensor in parallel group scale can check the status of each sensor to make diagnosis fault easy. When using the analog sensor, once the device working status is unstable, it is difficult to determine which sensor has a problem, only by opening the junctionbox to check the signal of each sensor, use exclusion to check one by one. To find there The problem sensor needs to spend a lot of time, a lot of manpower,material and financial resources. It fully proved the superiority of the digital sensor and its important role in the actual production.

Why I choose you?

Ourcompany, INNOVATION GROUP LIMITED, is a professional manufacturer of all kindsof  professional in the automation fieldfor many years, with strength of customized items, and providing the systemsolutions, with good quality and pretty competitive price.

What are your main products?

Our main products are Including Kinds ofload cell (load pin, column canister load cell, mini load cell, force sensor, Stype load cell, shear beam load cell, tension and compression load cell,and kinds of special designed load cell.), bench scale (high precision bench scalelike 150kg/1g, 100kg/1g,etc.), floor scale(high precision floor scale, complywith OIML C3,C5,C6.), truck scale (normal truck scale and portable truck scale), weighing controller, batching controller, etc.

What industries are they mainly applied to?

Ourproducts are applying in the fields like food & beverage plant, water andwaste water treatment, oil & gas, electric power, scientific research,ocean, boiler, coal mine, forklift weighing system, HVAC systems, aircondition, fuel pressure measurement and other process control industries. 

How do you ensure good product quality?

Wehave a complete quality control system, all of our products are fully checkedby IQC, OQC departments before ship to our clients.

What's your MOQ?

No MOQ limits, so 1 piece for test purposeat first is acceptable.

why I choose your load cell for combination weighed?

A combination weigher comprises a collecting conveyor which conveysobjects and discharges the objects; a plurality of weighing conveyorsconfigured to convey the objects fed thereto and discharge the objects, to feedthe objects to the collecting conveyor apparatus; a plurality of weight sensorsfor measuring weights of the objects held on the weighing conveyors; and acontrol section. It's suitable to use in packing the pellets,bar,brain shapematerials,such as puffed food,candy,small biscuit,Vegetable slice,nut,friedmate rial,pet food,small harware etc.Our IN-ISP4M-3KG is high precision especially designed for combination weigher replaced HBM ISP4M 3KG successfully with feasible design high effective , ingenious and maintenance convenient, can add on accessories according with the customer demands.Accuracy and weighing advanced soft and hard wares, originative and leading.Using convenient advanced pre-setting parameters make the production line changing products very convenient.Data management advance make the product quality management better.

What is Elevator Weight limiter ?

Elevator Weight limiter should work together with elevator load cells. Can administrate the actual weight of the elevator, when the weight is over, it will alarm and cut down the power, to keep the stable operation of the elevator. This weighing limiter can be used with elevator load cell, lifting load cell, crane load cell, engineering vehicle load cell,and Industrial automation weighing inspection load cell, and is easy to install. Its main features are can be equipped with different power input and different alarm relay output, the monitor record and black box functionIf your application need a faster alarm react, please consider this serial product, they can send out the alarm sign rapidly and cut in protection in time in a speed of 10Hz/40Hz/500Hz/1000HzIf your application need the record and searchof alarm weight, please consider elevator weight limiter,the standard products can record the alarm weight, and a higher version havethe black box function with a time calendar.If your application environment is harsh,please consider this elevator weight limiter, the alternating and direct relayalarm output is faster and more reliable than electromagnetic relay alarmoutput, and its lifespan is more longer tooAs for the transfer RS232/RS485 Modbus  Protocol digital signal output,4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V/±5V/±10VCurrent loop and voltage loop output and the external screen output, you arewarmly welcome to consult our industrial control indicator and other serialproducts. 

What is Zero balance of load cell?

The output of the load cell at no load, normally quoted as a percentage of full load. Also know as zero offset.for example,if your load cell is 3kg, conect the power to the load cell, us mv indicator to test the output of the current load cell (without any load on the load cell) , then the test result is the zero 

What is Accuracy of load cell?

Normally quoted as either a percentage of full scale output or a percentage of the applied load. The accuracy figure is the combined error caused by non linearity, repeatability and hysteresis error values in the load cell.

What is Hysteresis of load cell?

    When a load cell is taken from zero to full load and back to zero the mV output for a given load value will be slightly different when the load is rising to when the load is falling. The maximum difference is used to calculate the hysteresis. Normally quoted as a percentage of full load.

What is temperature effect on span of load cell

Temperature effect on span of load cell usually quoted as a percentage of full scale this is the change in output at full load due to temperature changes. e.g. 0.01%/10°C means a change of up to 0.01% of full load output per temperature change of 10 degrees C. This function is very important for the load cell application in different temperature. without temperature compensation, the accuracy will be very bad, and the load cell reading will be too much different than actual weight. 

What is Repeatability of a load cell?

A measure of the ability of the load cell to repeatedly give the same output for the same load under the same conditions. The error is normally quoted as a percentage of full load.This specification is very important to a weighing scale. If every weighing, the reading is too much different, it means that the weighing scale or electronic balance, or load cell is bad quality. 

What is creep of a load cell?

The creep of a load cell means: when load cell is in stable environment( for example, temperature, humidity) and other changeable aspects keep no change (for example: estable force system, load andother aspects),when load cell is loaded quickly a nominal load and unload thenominal load, within a certain time, the output of load cell changes with time.the normal creep have two types: positive creep, negative creep.Previous: creepstandard of OIML C3 load cell