Classification of weighing sensors

Classification of weighing sensors

 As a kind of measuring instrument, load cell is widely used in our daily life, it has various types and it can meet the needs of different industries. The load cell is mainly used in a variety of electronic weighing instruments, industrial control, online control, safety overload alarm, material testing machine and other fields. Such as electronic truck scale, electronic scales, electronic forklift, dynamic load scales, electronic hook scale, electronic price computing scale, electronic steel scale, electronic track scale, hopper scale, batching scale, canned scale. The following describes the basic classification of load cell.

 According to the shape, the load cell can be divided into: single point load cell, bridge load cell; cantilever beam load cell; bellows load cell; S type load cell; column load cell, box type load cell, other load cell.

1、Single point load cell is designed of electronic scales and platform scales who have low sections and require for single. Single point load cell is based on the principle of parallelogram, and it provides an additional center cross beam for the stick strain sheet, so as to measure the beam and the flexure of the parallelogram between its top and bottom. 

2、The bridge load cell is used in the truck scale, the track scale and so on.

3、Cantilever beam load cell is fixed in one end fixed and loading another end, the steel ball transmission the force, pressure head or double ball bearing type structure, with good seal structure. Automatic force balancing after stress, easy installation, convenient use and good interchangeability.

4、Bellows load cell is a load cell with curved beam structure, it adopts a seal form of metal bellows welding, filled with inert gases. Bellows load cell can withstand two force of tension and compression, it is anti overload, anti fatigue, anti bias loa. It can be applied to switching scale like electronic belt scale, hopper scale and platform scale, material test and other force measuring device.

5、S type load cell is the most common load cell that mainly for the measurement of tension and compression between solids, soit is usually called tension and compression load cell. Since it looks like a S shape, so it also known as S type load cell. This load cell adopts alloy steel with a protection of rubber seal, easy to install, easy to use, suitable for electronic weighing system like hanging scale, batching scale and machine change scale.

6、The column load cell is shaped like a column, so it is called a column load cell. Column load cell has the advantages of compact structure, strong overload capacity, high dynamic response natural frequency, convenient installation, low manufacturing cost. Disadvantages:poor lateral and partial load capacity (The column load cell with double diaphragm is better) , poor inherent linearity and it isnot easy to be fixed.

7、The box type load cell is shaped like a box