Release of static electricity generation products CM20, CM30

Release of static electricity generation products CM20, CM30

Our company Jiangxi static technology co.,ltd developed Static Charging products CM20 CM30!


 IML (in-mold labeling), film automatic roll change, casting seaming, electrostatic stacking, electrostatic compounding, heat shrink packaging machine edge sealing, bag making machine winding and exhausting, electrostatic card, rotary printing machine electrostatic cooling , gravure printing machine electrostatic ink absorption, veneer production line electrostatic paper, shearing machine electrostatic film (paper), glass sheet electrostatic adsorption positioning.


Small measurement and weighteasy to install and use, save space
High frequency variable pressure packageSuitable for fast breaking high voltage output occasions
Output voltage 0-20KV Stepless adjustable;Output voltage 0-30KV Stepless adjustableDon’t need to optimize the service performance according to the application. Can realize the optimal static absorption effect without overload, and suitable for all IML equipment.
internal overload protectionPostpone the lifespan of equipment
Signal cable controlCan remote control the output of high voltage by relay
easy to integrated with PLC
24V DC inputSuitable for most automatic machine.

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