ATS HB02 The human body static electricity releasing alarm

Time: 2018-11-16

Our company J developed ATS HB02 The human body static electricity releasing alarm


1) Hazardous checmical plant

  2) Liquefied Natural Gas plant(LNG), Gas station

  3)Before Entering to the Inflammable and explosive area

  4)Precision instrument workshop

product features:

 1) ultra low power design, during normal usage and no need to replace the battery

2) touch induction, no mechanical moving parts

3) special epoxy resin sealing, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dampproof

     4) explosion-proof touch the ball, to secure the release of electrostatic, human contact does not produce electric shock

     5) acousto-optic alarm body and explosion-proof touch ball contact reliabilityand ESD.

     6) grounding wire independent detection, grounding resistance conforms to the standard, to ensure reliable grounding

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