ATS-3003 ANTI-static Power supply 4.5kv 6kv 7.5kv for static elimination

Time: 2018-12-14

Our company developed Static products ATS-3003 ANTI-static Power supply​!!

ATS-3003 ANTI-static Power supply ​Working principle:
ATS-3002 high voltage power supply use high voltage transformer to change power frequency voltage to the required voltage, for the use of different static eliminators. Considering the security problems, all of the power supply output maximum short-circuit current is not more than 5 mA. The power of the power supply can use switch to select 110 v or 220v as the power supply voltage.

ATS-3003 ANTI-static Power supply Application:

bag making machine film cutting machine wrapping machine etc..

ATS-3003 ANTI-static Power supply Product features:
1. Adapt to the wide voltage range
2. Stable and security
3. Easy installation and convenient to use
4. Good grounding protection

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