ATS-20AF Ionizing Air Blower

ATS-20AF Ionizing Air Blower

Our company  developed Static products ATS-20AF Ionizing Air Blower

ATS-20AF Ionizing Air Blower​ Working principle:

ATS-20AF Industrial Ionizing air blower Can produce a lot of air with positive and negative Ion, the electric charges on the object and fall, when the object surface is negatively charged, It will attract positive charge in the air, when the object surface is positively charged, it will attract negative charges in the air, so that the electrostatic on the surface of the object and, to eliminate the purpose of static electricity.

* Suitable for big range to eliminate static electricity;

* Electrostatic quickly moving, convenient installation;

* With ion emitter cleaner;

* Inside there is fan and high voltage generator;

* Ion wind can be adjustable.

ATS-20AF Ionizing Air Blower Application:

Precision electronic products; electronic assembly line, medical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packaging; forming of fine products.

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