VCM20-N Big Static Adsorption 20kv Charging Generator Charging ​ Can replace SIMCO CM20N, VCM20N; ELTEX EU20N

Time: 2019-01-28

Our company  hot products VCM20-N Static Charging Generator !!

VCM20-N Static Charging Generator Appication:

industrial production (In mold labelling(IML)/ Wood pressing line/ Cast film/ Bag making on roll/ Film on to the Roll cores/ Board laminating/ Flat bag with Gusset/ Side Weld Bag Handles) field and scientific research etc..

VCM20-N Static Charging Generator Advantages:

1. Stepless adjustable voltage from 0--20kv;

2. Charging static faster, about 0.1s after opening;

3. Big static adsorption;

4. Remote control

Can replace SIMCO CM20N, VCM20N; ELTEX EU20N!!

The price is much more competitive! Contact us now!

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