CL012 20K50K100K200Klb Column Canister Compresion Load Cell for truck scale

Group canister and compression load cell
PriceUS $100-200 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C
Update Time 2019-02-21
Item specifics
PatternColumn Cylinder Type
Transform TypeResistance Strain
Output Signal TypeAnalog Type
MaterialStainless Steel/Alloy Steel
Capacity20K, 50K, 100K, 200K lb Load Cell
Interchagable withRice Lake RL8C2P1SS Load Cell
ApplicationTruck Scale
Zero Balance+-1.00% FS
Creep+-0.02% FS.
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CL012 20K to 200Klb Column Canister Compresion Load Cell for truck scale

20K, 50K, 100K, 200K Load Cell
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Technical data:

Capacity: 20K,50K,100K,200K (LB)

Rated output: 2.00mv/v +-0.25%

Safe Overload: 150% FS

Excitation Voltage: 10-20VDC

Input resistance: 385+-10ohms

Output resistance: 350+-5ohms

Zero Balance: +-1.00% FS

Seal Type: Hermetically sealed , IP67

Non-linearity: +-0.05% FS.

Hysteresis: +-0.03%FS

Repeatablity: +-0.01% FS.

Creep: +-0.02% FS.

Comply With NTEP rated.

Class III L 10,000 division,multiple cell

Compensated temperature range: -10 - 40

Temperature effect on zero:+-0.0027%FS/

Temperature effect on output+-0.0015%FS/

Insulation Resistance>5000MEGOHMS

Load cell cable: 4-24AWG,50FT,5.6MMPVC

Load cell wiring; Green +EXC  Black -EXC   White +SIG   Red -SIG Braid/Yellow: Shield