DX05 Digital & Analog Weight Indicator for Truck Scale
DX05 Digital & Analog Weight Indicator for Truck Scale

Item specifics

Weighing controller
Range of input voltage
100 ~260V
Delivery time
7-15 work days

Product review




                         ---Best Choice for Truck Scale, Floor Scale, Axle load scale, etc.

                              Digital & Analog Weight Indicator for Truck Scale

  1. Description

DX05 is a digital weighing terminal, which has stable quality, powerful function and easy operation.

It can be connected to various types of load cell. If DX05 – A/D module has been installed.

With the industry-leading auto addressing technology and auto correction angle technology,

DX05 facilitate users to debug more easily.

  1. Application

Best choice for Truck scale and Floor scale, Axle load scale, etc.

  1. Reliability

100-260V, wide range of input voltage, high efficiency switching power supply;

Short circuit and overload protection in the input connector of the load cell

Built-in battery has a constant current and voltage float, have over-discharge protection,

ensure the battery life of 3-5 years;

Serial data interface with ESD protection

The communication of digital load cell adopt two-password protected, has strong anti-cheating function.

Can be connected to infrared to prevent cheating by press the side (optional);

  1. Accuracy

Having a second stage digital filter;

Optional dynamic filter, can quickly and accurately weigh the shake things like animals or other living creatures;

With non-linearity correction of 15 point;

Has function of Compensation on very weak slowly varying signals (eg. Due to temperature, creep);

High-precision 24-bit conversion;

  1. Easy Operation

Unique F key operation, easy to understand, easy to operate;

Original wireless debugger, greatly facilitates debugging, testing, encryption and so on;

Zero direct zero calibration, with compensation calibration;

Axle deviation automatic correction, automatic corner compensation’

Digital load cells automatic addressing(networking);

  1. Multi-function

Unique personalized printing;

Automatic capacity switching, big capacity scale can also accurately weigh small thing;

Powerful communications features, choose Dingsong protocol or 20 kinds of continuous communication protocols

from various indicators in the industry; you can also choose a standard MODBUS RTU protocol;

Big screen with isolated current loop communication signals, reliable and long distance;

Can achieve one scale with two indicators;

With Axle-weight cumulative function;

Powerful data storage, check, print, statistical functions, and accurate real-time clock;

Dynamic weighing, and has superior accuracy of dynamic measurement, achieve dual-use n dynamic and static weighing.

Share Beam Load Cell

  • NCI Mark V Load Cell
  • Sensortronics 60048SS Load Cell
  • Weigh-Tronix Mark V Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell


25LB, 50LB, 100LB, 200LB, 400LB, 500LB, 1K LB

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V

Safe Overload


Excitation Voltage

10-20V AC/DC

Input Resistance

385 ± 10 OHMS

Output Resistance

350 ± 3 OHMS

Zero Balance


Seal Type

Environmentally sealed, potted IP67









Compensated Temperature Range:

-10 - +40

Temperature Effect on Zero


Temperature Effect on Output


Insulation Resistance


Load Cell Cable

4 Conductor, 10 FT

Load Cell Wiring

Green +EXC

Black –EXC

White +SIG


Braid/Yellow: Shield