BS-50000 0.1G High precision Batching Controller for multi-material automatic batching system
BS-50000 0.1G High precision Batching Controller for multi-material automatic batching system

Item specifics

Weighing controller
Delivery time
7-15 work days

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0.1G High precision Batching Controller - BS-50000

-------------Accuracy up to 0.1g

batching scale controller

Batching Controller Advantages 

* Accuracy up to 0.1g

--- Can auto calibrate the close time of valve according to batching speed to reach high precision

*  Output port function for site programming

*  Can be widely applied to chemical, building materials, food, feed and other industries

   quantitative packaging or multi-material automatic batching system.

*  Super strong communication function, so that the host computer can easily and reliably

   send a variety of ingredients to a number of controllers, or from a variety of controllers to

   read a variety of data to form a large-scale batching system.

Batching Controller Function

*Auto zero tracking

*Panel digital calibration, capacity, division value,

decimal point, overload value, zero range all can be

set by panel digital

*Formula table and material table both can be programmed by keyboard and host computer

Can store 10 kinds of formula and material table

of 10 kinds of materials

*Add in weigh & loss in weigh optional

* Can set continuous batching times

* Overshoot value auto modify, jog feeding

* With 4-way programmable switch value input

* With 4-way programmable switch value output

* Gross weight, net weight, tolerance display optional when batching

* Manual discharge, feeding optional

* With WATCH DOG circuit

* With RS232C and RS485 serial communication interface, baud rate optional, can set the

  communication address for multi-machine communication

* Can do various operations by panel keyboard, switching output or host computer


* Built-in load cell bridge power supply

* With alarm like overload, underload, over tolerance, material blocking and other

  working state prompt

Share Beam Load Cell

  • NCI Mark V Load Cell
  • Sensortronics 60048SS Load Cell
  • Weigh-Tronix Mark V Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell


25LB, 50LB, 100LB, 200LB, 400LB, 500LB, 1K LB

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V

Safe Overload


Excitation Voltage

10-20V AC/DC

Input Resistance

385 ± 10 OHMS

Output Resistance

350 ± 3 OHMS

Zero Balance


Seal Type

Environmentally sealed, potted IP67









Compensated Temperature Range:

-10 - +40

Temperature Effect on Zero


Temperature Effect on Output


Insulation Resistance


Load Cell Cable

4 Conductor, 10 FT

Load Cell Wiring

Green +EXC

Black –EXC

White +SIG


Braid/Yellow: Shield