INA2PS Amplifier Weight Transmitter Load cell for weighing conversion

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Update Time 2017-08-08
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Load cell amplifier/Weight transmitter IN-A2PS

weight transmitter


This Load cell amplifier/Weight transmitter Built-in 24 bits Σ-Δ integrated ADC chip for weighing conversion;
Full digital conversion, no potentiometer or any other analog conditioning components;
Analog output two-button calibration, it only needs calibrate once of zero and full.

1 Accuracy: 1/10000
2 Non-linearity: ≤0.008%F.S
3 Zero temperature drift: ≤0.4μV/℃
4 Temperature coefficient of span: ≤10ppm/℃
5 Net input range of full capacity: -30 mV ~ +30mV
6 Sensitivity of analog input signal: 0.5uV /d (Min.)
1.5uV/d (Recommend)
7 Calibration range: +- 50%FS
8 Display: No display
9 Working temperature: -30℃~ 60℃
10 Relative humidity: ≤ 90%(No condensation)
11 Power supply: +18 ~ +26VDC,>0.5A
12Load cell bridge voltage: DC 5V 1.5A Can max connect with 8 pieces of load cells whose impedance > 350Ω
13 Output optional: 0~5V,0~10V,4~20mA(DIP switch selection)

Load cell amplifier/Weight transmitter Wiring:

+E: load cell power supply +
-E: load cell power supply -
GND: shield
+S: feedback signal +
-S: Feedback signal -

Share Beam Load Cell

  • NCI Mark V Load Cell
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Share Beam Load Cell

Share Beam Load Cell


25LB, 50LB, 100LB, 200LB, 400LB, 500LB, 1K LB

Rated Output

2.0 mV/V

Safe Overload


Excitation Voltage

10-20V AC/DC

Input Resistance

385 ± 10 OHMS

Output Resistance

350 ± 3 OHMS

Zero Balance


Seal Type

Environmentally sealed, potted IP67









Compensated Temperature Range:

-10 - +40

Temperature Effect on Zero


Temperature Effect on Output


Insulation Resistance


Load Cell Cable

4 Conductor, 10 FT

Load Cell Wiring

Green +EXC

Black –EXC

White +SIG


Braid/Yellow: Shield