IN-WS2 10 20 40t Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System for measure axle weight

Group Portable Truck Scale
PriceUS $6000-8000 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C
Update Time 2017-07-21
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Model NOIN-100-1
StructureElectronic Scale
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IN-WS2 Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System

IN-WS2 Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System

Product Details



1.CZ-1 Weighing Pad

IN-WS2 Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System


  Aluminum-alloy; Ultra thin weighpad design; Easily mounted / unmounted slope; Hermetically sealed, suits different environment; Works both dynamically and statically; Can be used to measure axle weight and whole vehicle weight    when four weigh-pads are connected together.



Rated load: 10,20,40(t)
Static comprehensive error(%F.S): 0.1-0.3
Rated output(mV/V): 1.0±0.1Insulation resistance(MΩ): ≥5000(100VDC)
Non-linearity(%F.S): 0.2Compensated temp.range(℃): -10~+50
Error on corners(%F.S): 0.2Use temp.range(℃): -30~+80
Repeatariy(%F.S): 0.05Temp.effect on zero(F.S/10℃): 0.03
Zero balance(%F.S): ±1Temp.effect on span(F.S/10℃): 0.05
Excitation voltage(VDC): 9~15Safe overload(%): 120
Recommended voltage(V): 10Ultimate overload(%): 150
Defend grade: IP66Netweight(kg): 20




IN-WS2 Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System




2. Wired Weighing Indicator

IN-WS2 Wired Portable Vehicle Wheel&Axle Weighing System


◆ Excellent weighing function and high precision;
◆ Touch screen LCD Monitor
◆ Backlight lattice LCD, Clear both in daytime and nighttime;
◆ Ultra high frequency ensures better anti-electromagnet ability.
◆ Measure and display vehicle velocity(km/h).
◆ Floating technology is adopted to remove zero drift.
◆ Numbered options.
◆ Vehicle axle weight is measured axle by axle, and the max number is unlimited.
◆ Micro printer is embedded in the wireless instrument, the print ticket contains date, time, truck no, ticket no, axle weight, joint axle weight, truck weight, overload and executive organization.can print info with 24 digits
◆ RS232 port is used to communicate with PC.
◆ Can conveniently input full vehicle license number with letters;
◆ Can put in the name of the testing organization and operators;
◆ Can store as many as 10000 vehicle testing records;
◆ mature inquiry and statistic function;
◆ AC/DC, real time battery capacity indicating. The battery can be used for 40 hours on end. Automatic shut off;
◆ The auto power supply system can be used for providing electricity and charging;
◆ The instrument can work independently. And it also can upload testing data to computers.

Main Technical Index

◆ Full-scale temperature coefficient: 5ppm/℃
◆ Inner resolution: 24 bits
◆ Sampling speed: 200 times/sec
◆ The speed of display renewal: 12.5times/sec
◆ System non-linearity <0.01%
◆ Impulse source of sensor: DC 5V±2%
◆ Operating temperature range: 0℃--40℃
◆ Power supply sink (without the sensor): 70mA(no printing and no back lighting), 1000mA(printing)
◆ Power supply: built-in 12V/8AH leading acid accumulator, and can connect with DC source ( 12V/1A)