High Accuracy Conveyor Weigh Scale SS304 With Programmable Thermal Printer

Group Roller Conveyor Scale
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Update Time 2018-08-14
Item specifics
enclosure materialStainless steel SS304
units of measurementkg, lb
working humidity≤90% RH
working temperature-10°C to 40°C/14°F to 104°F
Dimensions (mm)226mm x 71mm x 161mm
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RC6060-IN420 roller conveyor scale with programmable thermal printer

Capacity:300kg ,500kg

Accuracy: OIML C3 100g, 150G. OR HIGHER PRECISION: 10g, 15G.


1. With Programmable printer

2. RS485 or RS232 Output /Modbus rtu available

  • Free PC software with programmable for Printer
  • Counting scale function
  • Special Function

  • Fast speed
  • High accuracy

  • Weight Controller Function:

    • Auto zero scale • Auto zero tracking • Normal weighing

    • Peak • Counting • Zero scale • Gross/Net
    • Tare • RS-232C • RS-485 • Print interface (PS805 Printer)

    Has an A/D adopted conversion technology of a 24-bit microprocessor with a rate of conversion of 200 cycles

    per second and drives up to eight 350Ω or sixteen 700Ω load cells.

    With a SS304 stainless steel wash down enclosure is ideal for the food industry, agricultural industry, and industrial applications

    and COMPLY WITH STANDARD OF NTEP III/IIIL, 10000 and Measurement Canada III, 10000; III HD 20000.

    Counting scale workingAccording to the 2.2 regular, system working parameter F10=2, The controller will working at counting scale, the counting of the operating panel will be light on.

    This indicating controller can do 100 different kinds of counting of the weighing. Before do the counting weighing, should according to the 4th regular of the , do the average weight setting of all the loading weight. And make sure the current loading code is same as counted loading code.

    Working at weighing, press【↑/Accumulate】button, display window show the current loading goods code as “P= XX”, “XX” means the current loading good, can use 【→/Auto】,【↑/Accumulate】 button do the revising. After revising, press 【Exit】 button to back to the weighing working.

    If the current loading goods had not done the average weight setting, the

    Indicating controller will display “– – E6 – –”, should according toto set the average weight of the current loading goods.

    If press 【→/Auto】button when weighing, can handover counting and weighing working of the indicating controller.

    When”Auto” light on, the indicating controller is working at counting, display window show “n XXXXX”, it means the loading goods qty.

    When 【→/Auto】light on, the indicating controller is working at weighting, display window show the weight of the loading goods, it is the common weighing.

    High precision load cell for roller conveyor scale

    High precision weighing display for roller conveyor scale

    Metal parts for the roller conveyor scale

    Rollers for roller conveyor scale

  • COMPLY WITH STANDARD OF Measurement Canada III, 10 000; III HD 20 000
  • Material: Stainless steel SS304
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • LED 6-digit display
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Parameter and calibration settings are performed on the front panel
  • LABRADOR computer software for parameter and calibration settings
  • Units of Measurement: kg, lb
  • Improper operation and fault indication
  • Two way relay signal output
  • Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 connecting ports
  • Print functions with programmable print format
  • Built-in clock
  • Weight Controller Data

    Enclosure MaterialStainless steel SS304
    Units of Measurementkg, lb
    Working Humidity≤90% RH
    Working Temperature-10°C to 40°C/14°F to 104°F
    Dimensions (mm)226mm x 71mm x 161mm
    Dimensions (in)8.9in x 3.7in x 6.34in
    Display TypeLCD
    Display Digits6 digits
    Digit Height25.4mm/1in
    Display Dimensions143mm x 41mm/5.6in x 1.6in
    Power SupplyAC adaptor, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    IP RatingIP66

    Division1, 2, 5, 10
    Tare Range100% of Cn
    Maximum Number of Load Cells8×350Ω or 16×700Ω
    Maximum Power Consumption6VA
    Excitation Voltage5VDC ± 5%
    Fusible Link Fuse (slow blow)1A
    Communications InterfaceRS-232C, RS-485
    Print InterfaceSerial interface