Digital Load Cell Junction Box 100% FS Zeroing Range With Modbus
Digital Load Cell Junction Box 100% FS Zeroing Range With Modbus

Item specifics

Zero temperature drift
Temperature coefficient of span
Net input range of full capacity
Sensitivity of analog input signal
0.5uV /d(Minimum) 1.5uV/d(Recommended)
Calibration range
Internal resolution

Product review


Digital Junction Box-DJ04-2 Load Cell Accessories With Modbus

Digital junction box with RS485 output +modbus

  •  The digital junction box is based on resistance strain sensor as signal source,
  •  It is composed of 24bits Σ-Δ type A/D conversion technology and The 8 bit single chip microcomputer etc.large-scale integrated circuit.
  •  It is with high accuracy, high reliability.

Main functions:

¨  panel keyboard settings, capacity calibration

¨  Has function to display weight setting.

¨  Can point out failures, operational error.

¨  RS485 output,Can set the corresponding weight value of 4mA and 20mA.

Main Technical Parameters

  1.  A/D sampling rate: 7.5 Times/s~240Times/s optional
  2.  Internal resolution: 24bits
  3.  Non-linearity: ≤0.005%F.S
  4.  Zero drift: ≤0.2μV/℃
  5.  Temperature coefficient of capacity: ≤10ppm/℃
  6.  Net input signal range of full capacity: 2~20mV
  7.  Initial weight signal range: -1~+9mV
  8.  Analog input signal sensitivity:0.5uV /d(Minimum) 1.5uV/d(Recommended)
  9.  Zeroing range: 100%FS
  10.  Display: 6 red LED digital tubes(height of word is 14mm
  11.  Amibent temperature of operation: -5℃~ 45℃
  12.  Relative humidity: ≯ 90%(Non condensing)
  13.  Power supply: +18 ~ +26 VDC,0.5A
  14.  Sensor bridge excitation: DC 5V,can connect 6 load cells of 350 ohms or 12 load cells of 7