Durable Weighing Indicator Controller , Delicate Structure Digital Weight Transmitter

Group Weighing Controller and indicator
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Update Time 2018-08-15
Item specifics
modelDJ04 RS485
Zero temperature drift≤0.2μV/℃
Temperature coefficient of spanTemperature coefficient of capacity: ≤10ppm/℃
Sensitivity of analog input signal0.5uV /d(Minimum) 1.5uV/d(Recommended)
Zeroing range100%FS
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DJ04 RS485 Weighing Indicator Controller Load Cell Junction Box Weight transmitter

The digital junction box is based on resistance strain sensor as signal source, It is composed of 24bits Σ-Δ type A/D conversion technology and The 8 bit single chip microcomputer etc.large-scale integrated circuit.

It is with high accuracy, high reliability.

Load Cell Junction Box/Amplifier/Weight transmitter/Conversion Main functions:

¨   panel keyboard settings, capacity calibration

¨   Has function to display weight setting.

¨   Can point out failures, operational error.

¨   4~20mA/RS485/RS232 output,Can set the corresponding weight value of 4mA and 20mA.

Load Cell Junction Box/Amplifier/Weight transmitter/Conversion Main Technical Parameters

¨  2.1 A/D sampling rate: 7.5 Times/s~240Times/s optional

¨  2.2 Internal resolution: 24bits

¨  2.3 Non-linearity: ≤0.005%F.S

¨  2.4 Zero drift: ≤0.2μV/℃

¨  2.5 Temperature coefficient of capacity: ≤10ppm/℃

¨  2.6 Net input signal range of full capacity: 2~20mV

¨  2.7 Initial weight signal range: -1~+9mV

¨  2.8 Analog input signal sensitivity:0.5uV /d(Minimum)


¨  2.9 Zeroing range: 100%FS

¨  2.11 Display: 6 red LED digital tubes(height of word is 14mm

¨  2.14 Amibent temperature of operation: -5℃~ 45℃

¨  2.15 Relative humidity: ≯ 90%(Non condensing)

¨  2.16 Power supply: +18 ~ +26 VDC,0.5A

      ¨   2.17 Sensor bridge excitation:

          DC 5V,can connect 6 load cells of 350 ohms or 12 load cells of 750 ohms.