Row Type Ionizing Air Nozzle High Efficiency For Wide Range Of Eliminating Static
Row Type Ionizing Air Nozzle High Efficiency For Wide Range Of Eliminating Static

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Operating Voltage 4.6 KV ATS-3 Row type Ionizing Air Nozzle for wide range of eliminating static

It’s a fixed row eliminate electrostatic ionizing air nozzle. Composed of a plurality of nozzle side by side; Especially for wide range of eliminating static. It must be used with ATS high voltage power supply;

Working principle:
ATS-3 Ionizing air nozzle can produce positive and negative charge with a lot of, the high-speed gas compression blow out, can be brought to the charge on the object and fall, when the object surface is negatively charged, it will attract positive charge in the air, when the object surface is positively charged, it will be a negative charge attract in the air flow, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object and, to eliminate the purpose of static electricity, high compressed air can also be the object on the stubborn dirt blown away, to neutralize electrostatic and dust objective.

Product features:

· Eliminate static quickly

· Ion airflow strongly

· Widely range of wind adjusting ( it need install control valve

· Good ground-connection protection

Mainly used in electronics, spraying, injection molding,injection molding,Printing etc.


Operating Voltage4.6 KV
Current consumption0.11A
Operating Temperature0℃-50℃
HV Cable length3M
Operating air pressure0.4Mpa-1.0Mpa
Operating Air velocity10m/1sec

Decay Test Results

Air PressureAir volumeTime

Installation Instructions

ATS Series Ion air gun need be used with ATS power supply together;

· 1. Put the end of air gun line into Powersupply’s output jack;

· 2. then clockwise to the end, and keep the air gun’s grounding wire connect to the lateral powersupply grounding pole;

· 3.confirm the ground connection is good;

· 4.The powersupply plug into a socket on the ground (note the maxi use of high voltage );

· Keep air gun connect with compressed gas, open the power supply can work.
Note: if you can,pls choose to install the air filter.

Product warranty and service
All the product’s warranty period is one year, since the date of sale quality problems caused due to product a year own part, material and process problems, we will repair free of charge.

2,After the warranty period of service
Where the company sells after warranty period still will be responsible to repair the product free in charge, in order to protect the interests of customers.

3,If customers open and repair ion fan themselves, Our company won’t supply free warranty, according to the situation of discretion.