Easy Installation Static Elimination Devices 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz For Bag Making Machine
Easy Installation Static Elimination Devices 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz For Bag Making Machine

Item specifics

input voltage
110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz
input current
0.23A or 0.12A
bag making machine, film cutting machine, wrapping machine,printing machine
3kg or 4.6kg
Length of wire
output current
Max 4.5mA

Product review


ATS series ANTI-static Power supply 4.5kv 6kv 7.5kv for static elimination in bag making machine film cutting machine wrapping machine

ATS-3001/3002/3003/3004/3005 Power supply/ esd

ATS-3000 series high voltage power supply is supplying the electronic power for anti-static bar/Ionizing air gun/Ionizing air nozzle. Because of different output voltage, there are 5 types power supply for choose. The types are ATS-3001/3002/3003/3004/3005.

Working principle:
ATS-3000 series high voltage power supply use high voltage transformer to change power frequency voltage to the required voltage, for the use of different static eliminators. Considering the security problems, all of the power supply output maximum short-circuit current is not more than 5 mA. The power of the power supply can use switch to select 110 v or 220v as the power supply voltage.

Product features:
1.  Adapt to the wide voltage range
2.  Stable and security
3.  Easy installation and convenient to use
4.  Good grounding protection

Product warranty and service

1. warranty
All the product’s warranty period is one year, since the date of sale quality problems caused due to product a year own part, material and process problems, we will repair free of charge.

2. After the warranty period of service
Where the company sells after warranty period still will be responsible to repair the product free in charge, in order to protect the interests of customers.

3. If customers open and repair ion fan themselves, Our company won’t supply free warranty, according to the situation of discretion.

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ATS’s Qualification:

A.  10-year’s experience in static industry.

B.  Customers from more than 120 countries.

C.  Successful cases from dozens of countries.

D.  Professional team offers technical support to customers.

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Input Voltage110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz
Input current0.23A or 0.12A
Operating Temperature0℃-50℃
Weight3kg or 4.6kg
Length of wire1.5Metres
Output voltageATS-30014.6KV*2 or 4.6KV*4
ATS-30025.6KV*2 or 5.6KV*4
ATS-30037.0KV*2 or 7.0KV*4
ATS-30045.0KV*2 or 5KV*4

Output current

Max 4.5mA

Available for hazardous locationsNo