220V 1.4A Static Elimination Devices , Adjustable Industrial Ionizing Air Blower
220V 1.4A Static Elimination Devices , Adjustable Industrial Ionizing Air Blower

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220v ATS-20AF Industrial Ionizing air blower for solving the static problem of bad industrial environment

ATS-20AF Industrial Ionizing air blower is designed for solving the static problem of bad industrial environment . It’s a kind of high efficient, wide range of. Air cover, it can effectively reduce the aggregate production process such as cutting,bending, plastic components conveying and packaging process stubborn charge.

Working principle:
ATS-20AF Industrial Ionizing air blower Can produce a lot of air with positive and negative Ion, the electric charges on the object and fall, when the object surface is negatively charged, It will attract positive charge in the air, when the object surface is positively charged, it will attract negative charges in the air, so that the electrostatic on the surface of the object and, to eliminate the purpose of static electricity.


Emission head cleaning, ion balance adjustment, in addition to static correction, to ensure the normal work of ion fan.
1  Cleaning: clean emission point transmitter transmitter, sliding or rotating cleaning brush, until clean net  ion emission tip, at least once a week.
2  The air inlet, outlet air cleaner: entrance and ionized air outlet should be clean to prevent the  obstruction of airflow, can use soft brush to clean or compressed air cleaner.

3  Ion balance test: eliminate the time by measuring the electrostatic electrostatic analyzer
4  Electrostatic elimination time test: eliminate the time by measuring the electro static electrostatic                analyzer
5  Ion fan, output design for ion amount is balanced, fixed. As may be affected by the voltage fluctuation,      ambient air humidity and other factors will form the residual voltage offset ion balance. Offset                    standards: OV ± 10V. If the static elimination time and residual voltage has a large deviation, should          be sent to the factory for alignment.

Product warranty and service:
1, warranty
      All the product’s warranty period is one year, since the date of sale quality problems caused due to product a year own part, material and process problems, we will repair free of charge.

2, After the warranty period of service
  Where the company sells after warranty period still will be responsible to repair the product free in charge, in order to protect the interests of customers.

3,  If customers open and repair ion fan themselves, Our company won’t supply free warranty, according to the situation of discretion.

Product features:

* Suitable for big range to eliminate static electricity;

*  Electrostatic quickly moving, convenient installation;

* With ion emitter cleaner;

* Inside there is fan and high voltage generator;

*  Ion wind can be adjustable.

Precision electronic products; electronic assembly line, medical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packaging; forming of fine products.


Operating Voltage220V
Current Consumption1.4A
Operating Temperature-10~50℃
Air Volume335-410CFM
Offset voltage0v±10v
Air Coverage60cm×30cm
Discharge Time (5000v-500v at 300mm)≤0.6s