DC606 60KV Max Input Power 120W Static Charging Equipment Portable 500*400*200mm
DC606 60KV Max Input Power 120W Static Charging Equipment Portable 500*400*200mm

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Product review


DC606 (Case type) double 60KV Charging Generator Max Input Power 120 W

1. Introduce:

DC606 case type charging generator is a kind of static application equipment. The static charging generator is composed of a static emitter (bar) and a DC high voltage power supply. For DC high voltage power supply, provide plasma launcher(bar) of negative (or positive) high voltage,to emit negative ions (or positive ions) and then add electronic charge(artificial charge) on an object (workpiece). The higher the voltage, the greater the effective range. It is widely used in non-woven fabric, film, painting, printing, flocking, sorting and biological engineering fields. It have many advantages like simple installation, fire protection, no electric shock and stable work.

2. Applications:

Inmold labelling(IML),Wood pressing line,Cast film,Bag making on roll,Film on to the Roll cores,Board laminating, Flat bag with Gusset, Side Weld Bag Handles.

3. Technical parameters:

Input Voltage100V~240VAC
Max Input Power120 W
Output Voltage60 KV
Max Output Current2.5mA
Max Output Power150 W
Output Polarity1pc 60kv+ and 1pc 60kv-
Working Temperature-15℃~60℃
Output StabilityMax Load 1%
Output connector

60kv+*1 and 60kv-*1

60kv+*2 and 60kv-*2

Voltage controlStepless pressure regulation
Remote controlSupport signal line remote switch control
Weight7 kg