ESM-003 Electrostatic Field Meter / ESD Test Meters/ Can replace Simco Measuring Meter FMX-003
ESM-003 Electrostatic Field Meter / ESD Test Meters/ Can replace Simco Measuring Meter FMX-003
ESM-003 Electrostatic Field Meter / ESD Test Meters/ Can replace Simco Measuring Meter FMX-003

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ESM-003 ESD Test Meter Electrostatic Field meter Hand-held electrostatic tester

    The ESM003 is a convenient compact and pocketsized electrostatic fieldmeter.Can replace simco FMX003; With this fieldmeter you can measure and store the field strength and polarity. It enables you to carry out measurements in awkward places. The correct measuring distance is displayed by two integrated LEDs. The electrically conductive plastic housing with an earth connection fitted at the side ensures accurate measurements. The unique bicolour display shows the measured value both numerical and graphically. The status of the battery is shown on the display .

ESM-003 electrostatic field reflectoscoope reflector is a non-contact portable electrostatic field measuring surveys the objectsurface static electricity value and the survey static electricity eliminatesequipment's ion trim


1.Easy to read.easy to use operation

2.Light weight .compact design

3.Range light assures accurate and repeastable measurements

4.Digital and bar graph display

5.Automatic power off after five minutes(may be disabled if preferred)


1.Measuring range: 0 to ±1.49KV ( Low range)
±1.0kV to ±20.00kV ( High range)
(range hysteresis: ±1.0kV to ±1.5kV)
0 to ±200V ( low balance measuring range)

2. Measuring distance: 1"±1/64" ( 25mm±0.5mm), LED guide for correct distance
( between object and fieldmeter)

3. Response time: <1s

4. LCD display renewal rate: 5 times/s

5. Accuracy: ±10%

6. Ambient conditions: 50°-100°F, (10°- 40°), 0-60%RH ( non-condensing)

7. Display featues: Bar graph, red LCD positive polarity voltage, blue LCD
negative polarity voltage

8. Bar graph precision: ±0.1kV for low range ±1.5kV for high range,
±15V for ion balance range

9. Digital reading: Auto-ranging , three digits x.xx=0 to ±1.49kV
xx.x=±1.0kV to ±20.0kV(Hi)
xxx=0 to 200 ( lon balance)
lon balance mode display: (IB) is displayed
Battery capacity display indicator
HOLD switch to retain display after measurement
Error sign (ERR)appears if the sensoe is damaged

10. Alarm feature: Beep sound will be heard during the folloeing actions;
Power on: one beep
Power on with auto Off feature disabled: {Depress power button
for more than 3 seconds} three beeps
Auto power-Off : short beeps at 1 seconds interval for 5 seconds
before power off
Over range: continous sond

11. Auto power-off: Power turns off automatically after five minutes,{ A OFF} is
display whenever this features is disabled

12. Power source: 9V, 6F22Y manganese battery

13. Battery life: In excess of 30 hours

14. Size: 123mm (L) x 72mm (W) x 25mm (D)

15. Weight: 170g

16. Case material: Conductive resin( ABS)