JXPM-F003 Filter effect tester of melt blown fabric

Group Static Charging and Elimination
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-06-03
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Product overview

Compared with the traditional tester, JXPM-F003 Filter effect tester  abandons the industrial closed source design and adopts an innovative open structure. The functional components are separated, allowing for self-matching and upgrading, both in terms of performance and cost.

It has an overwhelming advantage in flexibility, intelligence and informatization.

You can complete the basic test and print the results directly by booting without preparation.

You can also complete the standard GB NIOSH and EN tests in the laboratory with an aerosol generator, a screw pump, steaming of [retained water/salt spray/oil particles and a full set of pressure pipes.

Native software is based on Windows x86 64-bit platform and MS Excel universal platform, allowing secondary development. The machine meets the known requirements of mask filtration rate testing in China, Europe and China, and provides the possibility of expansion for new standards in the future.

Test standard

Chinese Standard GB2626 KN90/95/100 GB/T32610 YY 0469 YY0969 GB38880

American standard NIOSH 42CFR part84 N95/N99/N100 R95/R99/R100 ASTM F2100 Type 1/2/3

European standard  EN149 FFP1/FFP2/FFP3 EN14683 Typela/Typell/TypellR

The device can be compatible with the new test standard through software update.

Modular module

1. Main body of air flow controller (jxpm-f003, including melt spraying cloth mold/flow control/differential pressure table)

2. Hand-held laser example counter (standard Fluke 985)

3.NaCI salt spray aerosol generator (optional module tda4/5/6)

4.DOP oil particle aerosol generator (optional module tda4/5/6)

5. Screw air pump (required components for aerosol generator,Min 100LPM)

6.High precision differential pressure meter (optional module)

Technical parameters

Test the filter rate range20%-99.99%
Test measurement100 sq. cm optional 50 sq. cm (child mask)
Pressure differential range0-500Pa
Experimental flow

10-120 l/min +-2% adjustable *

allows short overloading to 160 l/min for testing FFP3

Aerosol typeAir PSL DOP *Aerosol generators can be configured according to customer requirements to meet different standards
Sampling flow1CFM 2.83l/min
Channel number6 particle size
Memory capacity5000 units, unlimited expansion under Windows
Lithium battery life12hours
printer58mm thermal printer
Operating environment10-25 degree
Storage environment-20-40 degree
Weight22.5 kg
Counter model

Fluke 985 *Counter model can be configured according to customer requirements

to meet different standards