C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine
C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine

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C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine


It is a high precision in a wide range of online weight detection machine, applicable to the detection, counting and sorting the l ~ 60 kg packaging (cartons, bottled, packaged) or machining parts, simple operation, convenient installation, no need professional maintenance, resistant to various harsh industrial environments, widely used in chemical industry, feed, rice, logistics, etc.


Designed for industrial dynamic weighing, fast processing, up to 60 pieces/min.


Patented weighing technology, high detection accuracy, the best detection accuracy up to ± 2G


Modular design, can be easily integrated into the packaging machine or palletizer system


It supports industrial Internet of Things network, Ethernet TCP/RRS485 and other communication modes to connect with user system, realizing 7X24 real-time monitoring and data management.


Support data printing, USB data export


Product size

C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine  C1200-60KG Check Weigher Machine


Depending on the weight, size, and characteristics of the object being tested

** other heights provided as required, but minimum ^ not less than 380mm.