Automatic weighing and packing machine for special materials
Automatic weighing and packing machine for special materials

Item specifics


Product review


Applicable Scope:


High speed measurement and packaging of materials with certain humidity or leavening, adhesives, loose strips and fibers, flaky, spherical and multi-state irregular under 10cm in fertilizer, agrochemical, feed, chemical raw materials, sugar and other industries. (e.g., organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, bagasse, sawdust, ore, manure, flake sulfur).


Working principle:


This series of units is mainly designed for poor material flow alignment and alternate packaging of powder and granule materials using the same packaging scale. The belt type grading feeding method is adopted to control the speed of the belt through the sensor of the material in the packing weighing bin or the packing bag. When the packing material is filled into the packing bag according to the set value, the feeding belt stops feeding. After the material is filled into the packaging bag according to the target value, the bag holder automatically opens, and the bag is sent away through the conveyor belt and sealed by manual assistance.


Technical indicators:

ModelCapacityPacking speedPacking accuracyPowerAir pressure


Note: Can be customized according to customer's material and production requirements


Main Features:


◆ It is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the packed materials, output and site conditions before ordering the series packaging units


◆ Automatic completion of material packaging control, set weight display, packaging sequence, process linkage, fault alarm in one

◆ Automatic storage, recovery (copy) debugging parameters function

◆ Automatically store the control parameters of 10 kinds of package weight and the cumulative output, the cumulative number of packages, the total output and the total number of packages of each package weight on duty

Adopt belt conveyor big and small double feeding mode to improve working accuracy and speed

◆ High-brightness fluorescent double-row display, real-time display of package weight, cumulative output, package number

◆ Adjustable automatic peeling cycle function, beat function, keyboard encryption function, data encryption function, clock display function

RS232 and RS485 interface are configured to connect to computer and micro printer. The instrument and computer can be connected to print statistical report of production data


◆ The series units can be equipped with supporting equipment such as feeding machine, silo, conveyor, sewing machine (sealing machine), air compressor, etc