Automatic powder ration packaging machine
Automatic powder ration packaging machine

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Product review


Applicable Scope:


Pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, additive, flour, food and other industries, mainly for powder and fine granular materials for automatic quantitative packaging.


Working principle:


This series of quantitative packaging units is specially designed for the quantitative packaging of all kinds of powder materials, using large and small double helix grading feeding mode, by sensor control variable frequency motor driven double helix, grading feeding to the weighing bucket and packaging bag. When the weight bucket or packing bag is filled to the set weight, the screw stops feeding. The bag holder opens automatically, the bag is sent away through the conveyor belt, and the bag is manually assisted with sewing (sealing).


Technical indicators:


ModelCapacityPacking speedPacking accuracyPowerAir pressure







Automatic powder ration packaging machine 04kw


Note: It is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the packed materials, output and site conditions before ordering this series of packaging units.


Product Features:


◆ Independent packaging weight input, weight display window, display window using high brightness LED display;


◆ Simple and intuitive menu operation;


◆ Manual assistance on the bag (or bucket), pneumatic clamping bag; Independent weighing system with high precision and high speed;


◆ Asynchronous motor control screw feeding, frequency converter speed regulation, high control accuracy;


◆ It has functions such as automatic peeling and photographing, data encryption, time display, etc.;


◆ Single/double helix frequency feeding mode, fast, medium and slow feeding speed can be adopted to ensure the speed and accuracy;


◆ Stable structure, small floor space, easy to clean and maintain;


◆ The series units can be equipped with supporting equipment such as feeding machine, silo, dust removal machine, conveyor, sewing machine (sealing machine), air compressor, etc.