Automatic quantitative granule packing machine
Automatic quantitative granule packing machine

Item specifics

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Applicable Scope:


Pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, seed, tea, food, monosodium glutamate, feed, sugar, additives and other industries, mainly for particles, loose and good fluidity of irregular materials for automatic measurement packaging.


Working principle:


This series of quantitative packing weigher is specially designed for the quantitative packing of all kinds of particulate matter and fine particulate material with good fluidity and small dust. It adopts pneumatic curved door or vibration mode for graded feeding. The material in the packing scale bin is controlled by the pneumatic curved door or vibrating feeder through the sensor, which is classified into weighing hopper or packing bag. When the material in the weighing hopper or packing bag is filled to the set weight, the feeding mechanism stops feeding. After the material is filled into the packaging bag according to the target value, the bag holder automatically opens, the bag is sent away through the conveyor belt, and the bag is manually assisted with sewing (sealing).


Technical indicators:


ModelCapacityPacking speedPacking accuracypowerAir pressure


Note: Can be customized according to customer's material and production requirements


Main Features:


◆ Before ordering this series of packaging units, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the packed materials, output and site conditions;


◆ This series of products take advantage of the material's own weight and good fluidity, and use measuring bucket or hanging weighing;


◆ Accurate and stable measurement, can be used in plastic bags, kraft paper bags, woven composite bags and other packaging;


◆ Use high stability, high precision weighing sensor, weighing module; The interface is simple to operate and intuitive to display


High quality electrical components at home and abroad are selected to ensure reliable and durable equipment


RS232 and RS485 interface are equipped for convenient expansion


The scale has strong structure, small floor area and easy to clean and maintain


◆ The series units can be equipped with supporting equipment such as feeding machine, silo, conveyor, sewing machine (sealing machine), air compressor, etc