Semi-automatic granule material packing scale (no bucket scale)

Group bag packing machine
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Update Time 2020-09-01
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It is widely used for automatic quantitative packing of all kinds of granular materials

For example: soybean meal, feed, seed, building materials, compound fertilizer, chemical raw materials and other kinds of granular materials measurement packaging


One, the special points

· Parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high health standards and long service life of the equipment.

· Unique feeder design, dual cylinder drive, adjustable feeding door to adapt to different material changes, ensuring high speed and high precision requirements.

· Easy to clean and maintain, low failure rate of transmission parts.

· Direct bag weighing, suitable for light specific weight, heavy weight rapid measurement and packaging.

·20 kinds of different packaging weights are pre-stored, which can meet the requirements of a variety of measurement packaging and make it easy to call out the formula.

· Select high-quality imported and domestically made electrical and pneumatic components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

· Dust cover and dust removal device can be added according to the characteristics of materials.

Ii. Main technical parameters


ModelPacking weight(Kg)Packing speed bag/hourprecisionInstallation dimensions (mm) Length × width × height (including conveyor)Machine weight(Kg)
YTD60K—M—120  603003500.23000×800×2000500
YTD25KM1 253003502800×800×2000500

·The packing precision and speed depend on the material characteristic  ·Power SupplyAC380V/50Hz/±10%
·Power consumption (about) 1.1kW/hour      · Air source (compressed air) 0.5mpa