Double scale computer quantitative particle packing scale
Double scale computer quantitative particle packing scale

Item specifics


Product review


Double scale computer particles quantitative packing scale, is for granular, liquidity good material design of packing machinery, it has high weighing precision, simple operation, strong reliability, fully functional characteristics, can be widely used in feed, food, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, oil chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, chemical, inorganic salt, rubber, leather, chemical fertilizer industry, etc.




*1 If the scale is not within the range of weighing and packaging capacity, it shall be designed according to the actual requirements of users


*2 Packing capacity and accuracy depend on physical properties such as rated weight and fluidity of packing materials


Basic configuration:


1. Storage hopper


2. Gate valve


3. Gravity feeding mechanism


4. Weighing hopper and weighing main frame


5. Hopper and bag-holding device


6. Weighing instrument control box


7. Belt conveyor


8. Sewing machine and sewing column


9. Steel platform (optional for users)


Main functions:


● Automatic completion of material packaging control function, set weight display, packaging sequence, process linkage, fault alarm in one;


● With automatic storage, recovery (copy) debugging parameters function;


● Automatic storage of the control parameters of ten kinds of package weight and the cumulative output, cumulative number of packages, total output and total number of packages of each package weight on duty;


● The use of gravity type large and small double feeding way, improve the working accuracy and speed;


● High brightness fluorescent double-row display, real-time display of package weight, cumulative output, package number;


● Adjustable automatic peeling cycle function, tapping function, keyboard encryption function, data encryption function, clock display function;


● Standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces can be configured to connect computers and micro printers. The instrument and computer can be connected to print statistical report of production data