TSI-2000Automatic filtration efficiency tester (photometer method)
TSI-2000Automatic filtration efficiency tester (photometer method)

Product review


Scope of application】 It is used to quickly, accurately and stablly test the resistance

and filtration efficiency performance of the mask and various planar materials, such as glass fiber, PTFE, PET and PP melting spray composite air particulate filter materials.


Conform to the standard】EN 1822-3:2012EN 149:2005YY 0469-2011、YY 0969-2013、GB 19083-2006、GB 2626-2006、GB/T 32610-2016and a number of domestic and foreign industry standards.



1、Efficiency detection: The imported TSI brand high precision photometer is used to detect the concentration of upstream and downstream particles to ensure the accuracy, stability, speed and effectiveness of sampling.

2Flow detection: The system test flow is mainly provided by the external dry and clean compressed air; The internal installation of voltage and current stability device, to ensure the stability of the flow detection, and the use of automatic control system to control the flow.

3Aerosol generation: Salt and oil testing can be done on the same instrument, automatic switching, no need to manually operate, to ensure fast and stable fog concentration regulation.

4Test results: Equipped with color touch screen, test results can be directly displayed on the interface to print a single result or a whole set of data, and save the data.

5Simple operation: the user only needs to place the filter paper in the fixture, press the button and adjust the test flow, then the system will automatically test the resistance and efficiency. The whole process is simple, fast and efficient.

Technical parameters】

1. Test flow range: 32L/min, 85L/min, 95L/min


2. Test sample specification: 100cm, can be equipped with multi-specification fixture (plane mask, 3D mask fixture)


3. Resistance test: range 0 ~ 1000Pa, accuracy up to 0.1Pa


4. Efficiency test: The efficiency range is 1% ~ 99.999%


5. Source of fog and dust: NaCl and oil


6. Test time: 5-70s


7. Air source requirements: 0.5mpa, 180L/Min


8. Overall dimension: 850×730×1700mm


9. Weight: 100kg


10. Power source: AC220V, 50Hz, 1KW